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  • Antman morphsuit

    With a name like Ant-Man, you would be surprised at the power this dude. After maverick biophysicist Dr. Henry 'Hank' Pym discovered a revolutionary chemical substance - Pym Particles -...
    $79.90 SGD
  • Batman Cape and Mask

    Even rich industrialist Bruce Wayne counts the pennies when times are hard. If you only need the essentials, this set is enough to get all of Gotham’s villains to sit...
    $35.80 SGD

    Includes jumpsuit with muscle chest, mask and hat
    $112.90 SGD
  • Black Bolt Morphsuit

    Better get used to whispering when you wear the Black Bolt Morphsuit 'cos if you shout by mistake you're likely to explode the planet! Black Bolt or Blackagar Boltagon to...
    $79.90 SGD
  • Captain America Morphsuit

    For decades, the chance to be Captain America has been restricted to Steve Rogers, a 94 year old man. Greedy. Well listen here Steve, time to spread the love, thanks...
    $79.90 SGD
  • Carnage Morphsuit

    This Carnage Morphsuit is one of the most popular morphsuits in the UK, and should be in any hardcore fan’s dressing up box! If you love dressing up as a...
    $79.90 SGD
  • Catwoman

    Paw your way through all sorts of unexpected adventures as you slip into this feline guise guaranteed to turn heads. Model yourself on the original Selina Kyle chasing Batman around...
    $89.50 SGD
  • Clone StormTrooper Blaster

    Storm Trooper Blaster with Authentic Movie Sound Rubies Licensed Product
    $39.90 SGD
  • Deadpool morphsuit

    The Deadpool movie hasn’t even come out yet (it reaches our screens in 2016) and the Deadpool morphsuit is one of our most popular Superhero costumes. We suggest you get...
    $79.90 SGD
  • Deluxe Bane - Batman

    Based on the DC Comics original and Batman's nemesis in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane is one of his most powerful foes. Even if you don't have Bane's grasp of...
    $107.30 SGD
  • Deluxe Batman

    Bring Batman's latest incarnation to life as he appeared as The Dark Knight - mean, lean and ready to take on the evil Bane and his plan to take over...
    $107.30 SGD
  • Deluxe Deadpool Morphsuit

    Fibre-filled muscle chest jumpsuit and mask.
    $89.90 SGD
  • Female Ghostbusters

    Rumours of Rowan, a powerful demon, are rife. People all over town are running for cover. Who you gonna call? There’s only one possible answer and you can be joining...
    $98.35 SGD
  • Genie / Princess Jasmine

    Comes with top, shorts and see through trousers One size - medium (uk size 10)
    $39.90 SGD
  • Ghostbusters, Stay Puft (Inflatable)

    Go on the rampage as the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters - imagined by Ray Stanz (Dan Aykroyd) and brought to life by Zuul, just don't get too roasted by the...
    $116.25 SGD
  • Gold Ring

    Gangster bling gold ring
    $4.90 SGD
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