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  • Fever Miss Santa Cutie Costume

    Guaranteed to bring the Christmas cheer in the Fever Miss Santa Cutie Costume! The costume comes with a dress and hat; simply add some Fever tights as the finishing touch....
    $60.00 SGD
    $48.00 SGD
  • Elf Costume

    Elf Costume, With Dress, Hat and Belt
    $54.00 SGD
  • Elf Costume

    Elf Costume, With Tunic, Trousers and Hat
    $54.00 SGD
    $43.50 SGD
  • Fever Red Hot Reindeer Costume

    Fever Red Hot Reindeer Costume, With Dress, Gloves, Nose and Choker
    $61.00 SGD
  • Snowman Costume, Adult

    Snowman Costume, Adult, With Bodysuit, Scarf, Hat and Carrot Nose
    $108.00 SGD
  • Christmas Tree Costume

    Deluxe Christmas Tree Costume, Green, Includes Tunic and Hat
    $98.00 SGD
  • Penguin Costume

    Penguin Costume In White and Black, With Bodysuit With Bow Tie and Bootcovers
    $76.50 SGD
  • Miss Santa Costume

    Miss Santa Costume, Red, with Dress, Belt & Hat
    $24.90 SGD
  • Christmas Cracker Costume

    3/4 body suit christmas cracker One size fits all
    $109.00 SGD
  • Fever Elf Costume

    Fever Elf Costume, With Dress, Hat and Gauntlets
    $61.00 SGD
  • Saucy Pud Costume

    Saucy Pud Costume, With Dress and Headpiece
    $81.00 SGD
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