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  • Franki Digital T-Shirt

    Awesome moving eyeball effect in this Frankenstein t shirt - just download the morph suits app and play the frankenstein dudz t shirt animation and insert into the cover enclosed...
    $44.90 SGD
  • Creepy Doll Digital T-shirt

    You’ll need a pair of ear mufflers to go with this Creepy Doll Face Moving Eyeball T-shirt because of all the SCREAMS it will cause. It’s so creepy it’s not...
    $44.90 SGD
  • Zombie Digital T-shirt

    Slip on the Frantic Zombie Eyeballs T-Shirt and let this denizen of the undead be your wingman as he scopes out the party for you. Blow everyone away with the...
    $44.90 SGD
  • Pinned Eye Digital T-shirt

    This Pinned Eyeball T-Shirt is one way to truly freak your friends out! Which is exactly the point of Halloween! It’s so gruesome you may actually repel your friends –...
    $44.90 SGD
  • Peeking Fence Digital T-shirt

    Are you peeking? No? Your t-shirt certainly is! If you want to really freak out your mates or total strangers for that matter this Peeking Fence T-Shirt will scare the...
    $44.90 SGD
  • Freaky Clown Digital T-shirt

    Clowns often get a bad press and that is because they are evil – and none is more evil than the one on our Freaky Clown Eyes T-Shirt. The eyes...
    $44.90 SGD
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