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  • Grim Reaper Scythe

    Grim Reaper Scythe, Plastic, 138Cm. Comes in 6 pieces, assembly required
    $12.90 SGD
  • Cat Set

    Cat Set, Black, Fur, With Ears, Tail and Bow Tie
    $10.80 SGD
  • Black Nail Polish and Lipstick

    Nail Polish and Lipstick, Black
    $5.90 SGD
  • Zombie Make Up Set

    Zombie Make Up Set, Includes Facepaint, Blood Capsules and Sponge
    $9.20 SGD
  • Ghost Ship Make Up Kit

    Ghost Ship Make Up Kit, 6 Colours, White Cream Make Up, Black Crayon, Applicator & 2 Sponges
    $12.90 SGD
  • Black Witches Hat

    Witch Hat, Black, Shiny Fabric, Wired
    $7.90 SGD
  • Skeleton Gloves

    Skeleton Gloves, Adult, Black
    $10.10 SGD
  • Professional Style Gel Blood

    Professional Style Gel Blood, Red, 28.4Ml Bottle
    $6.00 SGD
  • Pirate Hook

    Pirate Hook, Black, PVC
    $7.90 SGD
  • Knife Through Head

    Knife Through Head Headband, Black
    $7.90 SGD
  • Blood in Tube, Red

    Blood in Tube, Red
    $4.90 SGD
  • Witches Hat With Diamante Buckle, Black

    Witch Hat with Diamante Buckle, Black
    $15.60 SGD
  • Vampire Fangs Tooth Caps

    Fangs Tooth Caps, White, Vampire Fangs
    $2.00 SGD
  • Vampire Cape with stand up collar

    Fabric Cape, Black, With Stand Up Collar, 114 Cm / 45 Inches Long
    $39.00 SGD
  • Vampire Bat Wings, Black

    Vampire Bat Wings, Black, With High Collar
    $27.50 SGD
  • Stitches Scar

    Stitches Scar, Red, Latex
    $6.50 SGD
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