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  • Wonder Woman

    Remember Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman? Now you can spin around at warp speed and turn into DC Comics' Amazon Diana. When evil threatens, you'll draw strength from your magic...
    $89.50 SGD
  • Catwoman

    Paw your way through all sorts of unexpected adventures as you slip into this feline guise guaranteed to turn heads. Model yourself on the original Selina Kyle chasing Batman around...
    $89.50 SGD
  • Star Wars Deluxe Rey

    Meet Rey, one of the new characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Lining up against the dark forces born of the Galactic Empire, she’s resourceful and hard to catch....
    $109.55 SGD
  • Superman Deluxe with Muscle Chest

    Your classic Superman, right down to the red pants on the outside, this is Clark Kent as he appeared in Action Comics #1 and on screen played by Christopher Reeve....
    $107.30 SGD
  • Star Wars Sexy Princess Leia

    Dress up as the unforgettable Princess Leia with her trademark hairdo, star of so many Star Wars movies. Wear it around the house or take off on an imaginary Millennium...
    $100.50 SGD
  • SpiderMan Deluxe

    All it took was the bite on an incy wincy mutant spider to turn mild-mannered student Peter Parker from Marvel comics into an avenging super-hero - and you can too...
    $109.50 SGD
  • Spiderman Morphsuit

    Spiderman, the most searched for superhero fancy dress costume on Google is now available in the world's most popular costume, we give you the Spiderman Morphsuit. Lets face it, he's...
    $79.90 SGD
  • Harley Quinn Bat - Suicide Squad

    Available from Mid-October. Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn has this trusty baseball bat goes everywhere she goes - It’s blunt but effective, a bit like Harley's quips… Inflatable baseball bat
    $11.20 SGD
  • Spiderman Zapper Morphsuit

    For every boy (and man, too!) who has ever dreamed of being the ultimate superhero... that dream can now become reality, thanks to this Deluxe Spider-Man Morphsuit designed by the...
    $89.90 SGD
  • Star Wars Darth Vader Blister Pack

    Pair this accessory set with one of our Darth Vader costumes, or combine it with a little black number of your choice. All the essentials are here, enough to strike...
    $91.70 SGD
  • Star Wars Jedi Blister Pack

    Anakin Skywalker? Is that you? Instantly tap into the Force as you transform into a classic Star Wars Jedi knight, thanks to this hooded cloak, braid tassel, belt and lightsaber....
    $82.80 SGD
  • Batman Cape and Mask

    Even rich industrialist Bruce Wayne counts the pennies when times are hard. If you only need the essentials, this set is enough to get all of Gotham’s villains to sit...
    $35.80 SGD
  • Star Wars Yoda

    "When 900 years old you reach, look as good, you will not, hmmm?" So says the Grand Master of the Jedi Council. Though you may stand taller than the original,...
    $109.50 SGD
  • Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad

    “We’re bad guys. It’s what we do!” Line up with your fellow Suicide Squad felons as Harley Quinn. Fresh out of the Arkham Asylum and after a dip in the...
    $98.50 SGD
  • Harley Quinn Wig - Suicide Squad

    Blonde with bunches of pink and blue to match her eye-shadow, Harley Quinn’s hairdo is all you need to get under the skin of the Suicide Squad ‘s leading lady....
    $33.08 SGD
  • Star Wars Darth Maul Mask

    Avenge your defeat at the Battle of Naboo from behind Darth Maul's terrifying mask. Perfect in every detail, who will dare lock horns with the Sith's scheming mastermind? Full face...
    $90.00 SGD
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